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Border Skipping

This entry was written as more of a personal essay than a blog post. Grab a cup of tea & take your time. I hope you find it helpful.

A few weeks ago, my friend and yoga teacher Fiona Agombar shared the news that a girl she knew who was struggling deeply in her first year with ME/CFS, had taken her own life. She was 33 years old – the same age I am now. Just last year, before her illness, she had travelled around Australia in a camper van.

I had never met this girl, but I immediately felt a kinship with her. I too was diagnosed with that same illness around 6 years ago, and at a similar age and with a similar backstory of adventures and achievements. Like her, I was devastated by the loss of the life I had known at the hands of this illness…

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SIMPLICITY; a complicated thing !


Now, making things simply is such a difficult thing; don’t you find?  Things are what they are but our perception of any one thing could be plentiful, depending on time of day, situation we are in person we talk to or don’t.

There is the caution of a hidden agenda, a suspicion of unrightful gain or just the demand of multitasking in daily western life. We don’t just read one thing on the web without having a second or third tab open. Rarely do we have a conversation with a friend without checking the phone or texting someone else.

Quite often we are influenced by our targets we need to meet and projections to endure, to achieve what will be difficult to maintain.

Only when a routine we adjusted to, is stripped away, like I experience on my trips to the red sea, it seems surprising how simple life is and what little needs we have to be happy. When communications and a daily routine is stripped back to the basic and necessary it becomes apparent; what is just an addition to simplify  and to make bearable what was complicated. It is when swimming underwater in the sea holding my breath, that I am just there – or here – in the now. But only as long as I have until I need to take my next breath.

This makes me wonder, if  I should hold my breath when occupied with what makes up my normal routine, well I won’t – but I am sure to take with me the idea not to waste my breath with what may just complicate things. I shall just listen to the friend that sits opposite me and purchase the item, that is fit for purpose and not endorse a brand that promises more than I require.

I shall not waste my breath, to say what may needs to be heard , but  simply say what is my concern.

I shall hold my breath, before I explain what could be seen when observed. As it is just the breath itself that allows me to be.


Sharing thoughts on Lifestyle … GUESTBLOG

This new year saw me developing- alread, in a way: I ,so far, only dreamt of … and we just got into the second month. :0)

However, I would love to share my new involvement on a platform for creatives, a real little blogging community; I am now part of.

Here is my first article with them:



Hope you get to share your experiences too:

Want to write on progression?

Are thing moving forward for you?

Share where you can …happy to hear.

Best wishes to you all.

TIMEs ahead…

contemplations on a beach

contemplation on a beach

If you have followed this blog for a while you may already now that time-management (gotta get most out of life, right!?) – is one of my favorite topics. Although it often is; what you would like to achieve in your time – that gets my attention too, and not just the how.

It is more in my interest as your coach, who you are; rather than what you have… do you have the time to look at your future and think ahead or are you – when you have the time ; truly making authentic decisions…fully expressing who you are when you had time, to reflect and listen to your heart.

As I still tried to focus on ‘business’ in this season, I would like to share my views on  WIN/WIN situations, as although you may know how to manage your time – or yourself for that matter…, but without a clear goal or aim… you still may be able to progress and develop even further, than you already have.

Only through focus can we do world class things, – but what to focus on right!?

Well, for your business I would imagine you want success.

But what means success to you?

Does it happen over night?

Can you truly influence it, authentically – without anyone loosing out?

Let me interject and go on a little tangent for a second: As I am currently in an Arabian country I cannot help but mention the conception of time as touched upon in previous articles (Language of the world).

With the Arabian model and time that of the through- time, your future lies ahead a of you and as time passes you will move forward , whether you like it or not and arrive at a hoped for destination.

Whereby the more european approach is that; you may want to distant yourself a little from you current situation and have the future and past in front of you stretching from the left to the right. You can change your position on this timeline, at anytime when you wish, but sometimes the more European approach helps you to grasp and maybe even influence steps that need to happen on the way.

In order to be successful; it takes great energy and focus to move forward, facing all your fears using  and directing your thoughts consciously, not only removing obstacles, but also working through obstacles.

An underlying paradigm to help you with that; is that of the Win/Win situation. The two main driving forces for this to happen are that of courage and consideration…Should you have the longing to get to a win/win situation, just to escape your current situation; it may only prolong the situation that you are in, but expressing understanding and gratitude to your current situation will help you to move forward.

Now, to visualize a little structure to support your efforts ,I scribbled a little diagram  in the sand ; with the two driving forces of courage and consideration, influencing your progress through the 4 quadrants.

It takes great Courage to express who you truly are or what your business stands for, but with that fulfillment, once achieved – success on all realms will follow.

contemplation on a beach

One of my main focuses in this series of business related articles, is to share my observations as to how business thinking in the contemporary world is changing. It is the general re-evaluation of our own paradigm as business owner or customer that changes the economic landscape that we are living in. It is less and less about the products that we sell with particular thought-out strategies or tactics; and it becomes more and more about the value that your business, service or product is offering.

In my business coaching approach, I tend to look at the value that your are offering (not the financial type) to move forward to a win/win situation for your business endeavor. It is that quadrant (4 in the first pic) in the top right corner that you want to move towards with all the courage and consideration that you have:

The aim is a win/win situation where all parties involved equally benefit. Even in business, we don’t have people to loose to increase your gain!? I would like you to view what ever your business is offering; as a contribution, to others and the world at large,that we live in.

You may find yourself in a Quadrant 1 if there is no consideration or courage to build a business up…a loose/loose situation.

As I am sure if you got as far as reading this you may have something to offer, or you just aren’t too sure who may benefit and why… hang in there.

If you are the courageous kind and have charged ahead with your business and strategies and tactics, but you may have lost sight of who you are offering your services and products too- considering how you truly see the benefit, from your target audience’s perspective.

‘Of course I do!’ I hear you say, but have you spend enough thought and consideration!?

The well-lived life is a conscious life… the same could be said for business.

Another situation you could find yourself in, is that other win and you feel you loose, or maybe even that you are winning but there is a loss to be accounted for; for an opposing party (not just your customers, but maybe your partners, colleagues etc), if their situation isn’t considered and you displayed all the courage there is (going in, all guns blazing!?) , you still may not find yourself in the most effective of situations.

Or starting at point zero, nothing is going to happen ( LOOSE/LOOSE) if you do not get some courage together or do not display consideration for your customer, business partner etc…Equally it is possible to have too much consideration for what you may be able to contribute with your business for somebody else’s advances, and you may not quite have the courage to ask your value back and you will find yourself in a Loose/Win situation.

It may be well worth your time to reconsider your business structure and situation to pick some wholes and re-balance, to make your business congruent, effective, solid and possibly lucrative and successful.

Where are you currently in your business developments ?

What is holding you back to move forward?

Feel free to get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation!



One of the main concerns that is found in business, in order to make it sustainable, lucrative , manageable, enjoyable and allowing for necessary Performance in order to succeed and grow is the notion of integrity.

It happens so to be, that this is also my favorite and most successful topic to coach in; as it is that – what helps you to find your motivation, drive and purpose.

As I m currently focusing on the context of business; it may be surprising that your personal values effect the way that you conduct yourself at work.

That in itself is already an alarming notion as we quite too often see our roles at work as separate as to who we are in our personal life, something we perform …dare I say; pretend to be when we are at work. The make-up for our role and responsibilities in the context of our employment, may seem a little distant to who we feel we truly are.

With integrity and an awareness of our core values and who we really are at all times;  is how we find success, in business and any other arena – with great ease. It is not just with sacrifice that we can be professional or successful.

This is the true joy in life: being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. Being a FORCE OF NATURE instead of… complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

Bernard Shaw

Finding your true nature will help you to harness your motivation and energy to succeed financially, in life and in business.

When you are faced with problems at work, it may seem the right option to please your boss, but solutions that you may find should never impact on your core values. You will find that this is only a short term solution, but eventually harmful to the business and most of all to your reputation, performance and integrity.

When you are faced with problems that could jeopardize  your integrity, it is important to look at all possible options for finding the right solution. Pleasing your boss may not always be the right and only way.

When you find yourself in an assumed position of loss and crisis (let’s say in Business) it is at that time that you have the opportunity to recognize the strength, something much bigger in side you that will you see growing stronger …something you may not have realized before.

It is often through struggle that our karma, and purpose is purified and that we are becoming aware of our strength and rightful place in life.

As we learn, express and honor this very part of ourselves, assuring that our core remains intact; this will bring joy and liberation even in hard times and situations of crisis.

This integrity, recognizing who we really are is often covered by a layer of limiting belief: For Instance a layer of ‘Who we are afraid we are…!’ And therefor authentic action in line with ‘Who you really are!’ is hampered.

It is often in the context of Business that we get caught up in presenting ourselves in a role of ‘Who we pretend we are’ to a potential customer, prospect client etc…in order to present our business, brand, product and so force… ensuring that they buy into it.

This may not be exactly in line with your personal beliefs and experience, but it is what you do for work…probably a common way to do business. And probably a common cause for people to suffer loss of performance, burn out, anxieties, dissatisfaction, internal conflict, reaching for compensation (eg. getting drunk in the pub after work, to wash the stress away…) The list of downfalls could be very long, but I am sure you know what I am talking about!

And you may think; Yeah, that is the hat I am wearing when I am at work… and I leave that behind when I clock out … well you are not, you are in danger of loosing your integrity.

If you disregard the layer of Who you are afraid you are, you may find that people may realize who you really are; before you do. You may be busy making them see what you pretend you are; forgetting what your true wonderful purpose is?

Reputation follows in line with your integrity, willingly or not … this is how people remember you. You must learn to look after your values and maintain your integrity. The most joyful and most simplest of solutions to any crisis situation or issue you may have are that of authentic action. You may not find them if you are too caught up in; Who you pretend you are , or maybe because you are caught up in; Who you are afraid you are? (not capable, not good enough etc).

It’s not our darkness we most fear – but our light.

Let me reassure you, that you are on the right path once you recognized your core values and abilities… these flow with ease: they are relentless and supply you with all the opportunities, synergy, solutions, thorough and authentic actions etc… to see you succeed with a true force of nature.

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One image,from my 2013 Fashion shoot, theme: Alice in Wonderland

‘Tea party’ , an image from my 2013 Fashion shoot, THEME: Alice in Wonderland

How to find a plot… in the social media world.


As Life Coach I had the pleasure to have been working with some highly capable people looking to progress from where they are, to where they would want to be.

At what ever point they decide that a little more time spend on creating positive and realistic actions steps, it is then that they find me.

My clients could be to going through a personal transition, re-evaluating worklife, finding motivation in order to pursuit a creative project, refining Mission and Vision in business or formulating a business plan etc.

All those different, often personal goals require the same approach for me; supporting my clients in finding authenticity.

This may be that Project ideas initially contradict one’s personal life mission, being to busy to figure out how to get more or different things done etc.

Through Life Coaching clients find themselves exceeding in  their usual performance, fueled with Synergy.

Sharing experience and knowledge through channels the modern world provides in order to short cut some learning curves for your fellow humans; – why I would like to share my philosophy on how to find a plot in the social media world… What is it all about?

Being aligned with your true purpose is a fairly new thing in the business world, as surely you should be focused on set targets and conform with your professional role.

But with an understanding growing, that efficiency and success isn’t just measured in numbers, this topic is of interest especially for new start-up businesses and businesses looking to grow and move forward in a forever changing market place.

With Values as our window of reference; the principle of a paradigm and it’s Values extends beyond private matters, – influencing your abilities and success rate for creating relationships and maintaining such, as well as messaging your companies/organisation’s vision and mission.

You will find that more and more people are looking for Value that isn’t reflected in the financial sense, but Values that enhance your current Life situation. Those people that you are hoping to engage (let’s say in order to find a client base to market your business to) will have reconsidered their spending, their potential gain.

Now, if this rings familiar to you, follow these steps

 and you will find your yourself in an advanced situation:



STEP 2 Develop your product,services, knowledge …. YOUR OFFER

STEP 3 now go and SHARE,

truthful to your mission using various outlets on the internet in order to DEVELOP YOUR BRAND, or your idea.

STEP 4 Develop your opt-in tactic.

What is it that you share and offer? What is your expertise? Who may benefit from that? How will they get to know about you and the value that you are adding to their life?

Place yourself strategically and message out all the Value and Offers that you have (don’t get side tracked, your messaging/ brand development needs to be consistent and not lead you down a slippery road of mission drift) But keep it at what you offer, as in what will your followers, customers, potential clients or other prospects gain.

STEP 5 Now with all that you learned moving through the first few steps, you should put your REGULAR SCHEDULE together .

Maintaining the mission, messaging your values through your brand consistently…you might find yourself creating new partnerships, finding contributing to communities watch your folwoing grow and see what you may start to ask for in return.

STEP 6 and Step 7 this is where you make your money…. just don’t worry about that for now.

Just find a medium, Facebook, Blog , Twitter that suits your style; and share message out, talk about what it is that you do and have to offer. Keep it casual; little like you are talking to an  acquaintance or friend …in a cocktail bar maybe?

It is called social media for a reason.

And most of all; enjoy – this will shine through and ultimately attract Followers to you, and give you the enthusiasm to continue with your efforts.


on any of those STEPS INVOLVED; 

to move you forward from where you are – to where you want to be.




As I am entering a new season, setting a new Intention ;  meeting the demand of re-evaluation of/in a working place, work attitude, motivation , purpose etc.

As I am attracting different clients currently, with a reoccurring pattern of need around the understanding of business and it’s Value & Development;…should it be employment, freelance, sideline or future plans, this is an interesting area where I have been able to help and support.
So please watch this space for business related coaching insights.

Happy Autumn to you all.




2013 and I have ticked off my to do list the visit and touching of a picture of mine.

2013 and I have ticked off my to do list the visit and touching of Stonehenge…here a picture of mine.

2013 and a Dream off mine has come true, I finally visited Stonehenge at the most important time of the year…well you know my passion for time-management.

What a place to be at that time.


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A place to start … in conversation: TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS


With great inspiration on one of my favorite Time-Management topic, I would like to remind you this week, that time-management, is not about prioritizing your schedule and calculating your days by the minute, but  scheduling your priorities and being truly in line with what is important to you and your progression.

As us alternative therapists and practitioner are always in conversation on what works and what not, I would like you to absorb some Time-Management Skills, provided by a fellow practitioner in the field, Hypno-therapist and Life Coach Simon Pimenta

His questionaire will help you to draw your attention to one of the most challenging areas in Life (Life is too short, right!?) With  greater awareness off your current behavior and situation, you are sure to move forward and implement changes.


Time Management skills

  1. You have a meeting. Do you arrive:
  1. Early
  2. On time
  3. Late
  1. You have a project deadline. Do you:
  1. Work on it steadily during the time frame
  2. Stay up the night before, working through the night if necessary until it is done
  3. Fail to meet the deadline and request an extension?
  1. You have to leave the house at 10am to catch the train. Are you:
  1. Ready to leave in advance of 10am
  2. Starting something at 9.30am, then having to rush to get out of the house on time
  3. Leaving the house after 10am, rushing to get to the station in order not to meet your train?
  1. You are packing to go on holiday, do you finish packing:
  1. The day before travelling
  2. In the wee small hours
  3. Just before you have to leave to get to the station/airport?

If you answered mostly:

  1. You have good time management skills
  2. There is room for improvement in this area
  3. You have time management issues and are probably creating a lot of unnecessary stress in your life

Some simple Time Management Strategies


Aim to get there early. Poor time managers aim to arrive on time and tend to cut things fine. This means if there are any delays, they will be late. Of course, they will blame the traffic. It is never their fault!

Work out what train you would need to get in order to get there on time, and get an earlier train. If a train is delayed, then it is still possible to get there on time. I know someone who will get to appointments 2/3 hours before the allotted time if they can. I find that a bit extreme, but taking reasonable steps to allow for delays is sensible.


If you have a project deadline, estimate how long you think the project might take. People often underestimate how long a task will take, so add 50-100% more time. Schedule when you are going to do the work.

Leaving the House:

If you have to leave the house at a certain time, let’s say 10am, plan to be ready before the allotted time. If you are ready at 9.30am, and start doing a task, for instance writing a letter on your computer, decide when you need to stop this task and allow time for turning off the computer. I remember staying with some friends. We were due to leave the house at 7pm to go to a party. At 6.30pm, they were ready to go. They sat down and had a glass of wine. They are great time managers.


I use a strategy from I learned from someone who has good time management skills. He gets his suitcase out a week before departure, and starts putting things in it as he thinks of them. Two nights before departure, he will look at a packing list, to see if there is anything else he needs to buy, or to put in the case. The night before departure, he will go through his list and pack everything properly.

Planning is the key to good time management, and a great way of avoiding avoidable stress!

Simon Pimenta

Now, I am sure you know what you could do better, and that the better that you could do is better, BUT what is stopping you to progress?

What could you change?

What is truly, holding you back?

Are you ready to progress?


regular reminders, better is better than best…