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I am hoping to share with you, some workings of a coaching relationship – and how this can be beneficial to you and progress.

The main tool that is used throughout coaching sessions is talk, – communication; this may seem quite obvious, but what is created, quite often – is not.

It may be just because you are saying something out loud, that gives a thought a little more clarity and impact. Or maybe it is just an answer to a questions no-one has asked, like that before. Or you may think you are just saying some words, you had spoken many times before…

There is always something else that may have been communicated.

In sessions, I quite often like to draw a picture or use other tools to give a little more clarity, 2 what otherwise could just be muddy waters.

I have scribbled one earlier and inserted the photo for you to see, one of the diagrams that I have used on several occasions.

A diagram showing desired developments, in Levels of Communication.

If two people, like Client and Coach, are in a partnership and are able to trust each other Communication will be enabled….with a little co-operation on both sides, the levels of Communication will progress and a point of mutual respect can be achieved.

Here is where quite often the development ends…but there is more to be had beyond mutual respect for one another. It is at that point, where the partnership and the communication between two, opens up new levels of ideas, revelation, thoughts, options, notions…with great synergy that may well not have been. – otherwise.

This is why it is so exciting to work in the field that I am working in, creating Synergy to realize what once, – one only thought off.

What are your unspoken Dreams?

When will you make them a Reality?

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