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One image,from my 2013 Fashion shoot, theme: Alice in Wonderland

‘Tea party’ , an image from my 2013 Fashion shoot, THEME: Alice in Wonderland

How to find a plot… in the social media world.


As Life Coach I had the pleasure to have been working with some highly capable people looking to progress from where they are, to where they would want to be.

At what ever point they decide that a little more time spend on creating positive and realistic actions steps, it is then that they find me.

My clients could be to going through a personal transition, re-evaluating worklife, finding motivation in order to pursuit a creative project, refining Mission and Vision in business or formulating a business plan etc.

All those different, often personal goals require the same approach for me; supporting my clients in finding authenticity.

This may be that Project ideas initially contradict one’s personal life mission, being to busy to figure out how to get more or different things done etc.

Through Life Coaching clients find themselves exceeding in  their usual performance, fueled with Synergy.

Sharing experience and knowledge through channels the modern world provides in order to short cut some learning curves for your fellow humans; – why I would like to share my philosophy on how to find a plot in the social media world… What is it all about?

Being aligned with your true purpose is a fairly new thing in the business world, as surely you should be focused on set targets and conform with your professional role.

But with an understanding growing, that efficiency and success isn’t just measured in numbers, this topic is of interest especially for new start-up businesses and businesses looking to grow and move forward in a forever changing market place.

With Values as our window of reference; the principle of a paradigm and it’s Values extends beyond private matters, – influencing your abilities and success rate for creating relationships and maintaining such, as well as messaging your companies/organisation’s vision and mission.

You will find that more and more people are looking for Value that isn’t reflected in the financial sense, but Values that enhance your current Life situation. Those people that you are hoping to engage (let’s say in order to find a client base to market your business to) will have reconsidered their spending, their potential gain.

Now, if this rings familiar to you, follow these steps

 and you will find your yourself in an advanced situation:



STEP 2 Develop your product,services, knowledge …. YOUR OFFER

STEP 3 now go and SHARE,

truthful to your mission using various outlets on the internet in order to DEVELOP YOUR BRAND, or your idea.

STEP 4 Develop your opt-in tactic.

What is it that you share and offer? What is your expertise? Who may benefit from that? How will they get to know about you and the value that you are adding to their life?

Place yourself strategically and message out all the Value and Offers that you have (don’t get side tracked, your messaging/ brand development needs to be consistent and not lead you down a slippery road of mission drift) But keep it at what you offer, as in what will your followers, customers, potential clients or other prospects gain.

STEP 5 Now with all that you learned moving through the first few steps, you should put your REGULAR SCHEDULE together .

Maintaining the mission, messaging your values through your brand consistently…you might find yourself creating new partnerships, finding contributing to communities watch your folwoing grow and see what you may start to ask for in return.

STEP 6 and Step 7 this is where you make your money…. just don’t worry about that for now.

Just find a medium, Facebook, Blog , Twitter that suits your style; and share message out, talk about what it is that you do and have to offer. Keep it casual; little like you are talking to an  acquaintance or friend …in a cocktail bar maybe?

It is called social media for a reason.

And most of all; enjoy – this will shine through and ultimately attract Followers to you, and give you the enthusiasm to continue with your efforts.


on any of those STEPS INVOLVED; 

to move you forward from where you are – to where you want to be.


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