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contemplations on a beach

contemplation on a beach

If you have followed this blog for a while you may already now that time-management (gotta get most out of life, right!?) – is one of my favorite topics. Although it often is; what you would like to achieve in your time – that gets my attention too, and not just the how.

It is more in my interest as your coach, who you are; rather than what you have… do you have the time to look at your future and think ahead or are you – when you have the time ; truly making authentic decisions…fully expressing who you are when you had time, to reflect and listen to your heart.

As I still tried to focus on ‘business’ in this season, I would like to share my views on  WIN/WIN situations, as although you may know how to manage your time – or yourself for that matter…, but without a clear goal or aim… you still may be able to progress and develop even further, than you already have.

Only through focus can we do world class things, – but what to focus on right!?

Well, for your business I would imagine you want success.

But what means success to you?

Does it happen over night?

Can you truly influence it, authentically – without anyone loosing out?

Let me interject and go on a little tangent for a second: As I am currently in an Arabian country I cannot help but mention the conception of time as touched upon in previous articles (Language of the world).

With the Arabian model and time that of the through- time, your future lies ahead a of you and as time passes you will move forward , whether you like it or not and arrive at a hoped for destination.

Whereby the more european approach is that; you may want to distant yourself a little from you current situation and have the future and past in front of you stretching from the left to the right. You can change your position on this timeline, at anytime when you wish, but sometimes the more European approach helps you to grasp and maybe even influence steps that need to happen on the way.

In order to be successful; it takes great energy and focus to move forward, facing all your fears using  and directing your thoughts consciously, not only removing obstacles, but also working through obstacles.

An underlying paradigm to help you with that; is that of the Win/Win situation. The two main driving forces for this to happen are that of courage and consideration…Should you have the longing to get to a win/win situation, just to escape your current situation; it may only prolong the situation that you are in, but expressing understanding and gratitude to your current situation will help you to move forward.

Now, to visualize a little structure to support your efforts ,I scribbled a little diagram  in the sand ; with the two driving forces of courage and consideration, influencing your progress through the 4 quadrants.

It takes great Courage to express who you truly are or what your business stands for, but with that fulfillment, once achieved – success on all realms will follow.

contemplation on a beach

One of my main focuses in this series of business related articles, is to share my observations as to how business thinking in the contemporary world is changing. It is the general re-evaluation of our own paradigm as business owner or customer that changes the economic landscape that we are living in. It is less and less about the products that we sell with particular thought-out strategies or tactics; and it becomes more and more about the value that your business, service or product is offering.

In my business coaching approach, I tend to look at the value that your are offering (not the financial type) to move forward to a win/win situation for your business endeavor. It is that quadrant (4 in the first pic) in the top right corner that you want to move towards with all the courage and consideration that you have:

The aim is a win/win situation where all parties involved equally benefit. Even in business, we don’t have people to loose to increase your gain!? I would like you to view what ever your business is offering; as a contribution, to others and the world at large,that we live in.

You may find yourself in a Quadrant 1 if there is no consideration or courage to build a business up…a loose/loose situation.

As I am sure if you got as far as reading this you may have something to offer, or you just aren’t too sure who may benefit and why… hang in there.

If you are the courageous kind and have charged ahead with your business and strategies and tactics, but you may have lost sight of who you are offering your services and products too- considering how you truly see the benefit, from your target audience’s perspective.

‘Of course I do!’ I hear you say, but have you spend enough thought and consideration!?

The well-lived life is a conscious life… the same could be said for business.

Another situation you could find yourself in, is that other win and you feel you loose, or maybe even that you are winning but there is a loss to be accounted for; for an opposing party (not just your customers, but maybe your partners, colleagues etc), if their situation isn’t considered and you displayed all the courage there is (going in, all guns blazing!?) , you still may not find yourself in the most effective of situations.

Or starting at point zero, nothing is going to happen ( LOOSE/LOOSE) if you do not get some courage together or do not display consideration for your customer, business partner etc…Equally it is possible to have too much consideration for what you may be able to contribute with your business for somebody else’s advances, and you may not quite have the courage to ask your value back and you will find yourself in a Loose/Win situation.

It may be well worth your time to reconsider your business structure and situation to pick some wholes and re-balance, to make your business congruent, effective, solid and possibly lucrative and successful.

Where are you currently in your business developments ?

What is holding you back to move forward?

Feel free to get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation!

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