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SIMPLICITY; a complicated thing !


Now, making things simply is such a difficult thing; don’t you find?  Things are what they are but our perception of any one thing could be plentiful, depending on time of day, situation we are in person we talk to or don’t.

There is the caution of a hidden agenda, a suspicion of unrightful gain or just the demand of multitasking in daily western life. We don’t just read one thing on the web without having a second or third tab open. Rarely do we have a conversation with a friend without checking the phone or texting someone else.

Quite often we are influenced by our targets we need to meet and projections to endure, to achieve what will be difficult to maintain.

Only when a routine we adjusted to, is stripped away, like I experience on my trips to the red sea, it seems surprising how simple life is and what little needs we have to be happy. When communications and a daily routine is stripped back to the basic and necessary it becomes apparent; what is just an addition to simplify  and to make bearable what was complicated. It is when swimming underwater in the sea holding my breath, that I am just there – or here – in the now. But only as long as I have until I need to take my next breath.

This makes me wonder, if  I should hold my breath when occupied with what makes up my normal routine, well I won’t – but I am sure to take with me the idea not to waste my breath with what may just complicate things. I shall just listen to the friend that sits opposite me and purchase the item, that is fit for purpose and not endorse a brand that promises more than I require.

I shall not waste my breath, to say what may needs to be heard , but  simply say what is my concern.

I shall hold my breath, before I explain what could be seen when observed. As it is just the breath itself that allows me to be.


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