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My Experience

Having had a Life full of change and progression I have somewhat come accustomed to the nature of change and find that many struggle with the prospect of this very thing.

It excites me to know that I have choices and can change – should I wish – and in the present day and age where opportunities are endless, I am committed and dedicated to share what I know and what took me a long time to comprehend, with those that seek to progress and do or be better.

After discovering my talent and interpersonal skills, helping people to shine at their best, in a studio environment and other photography and art projects, I eventually made the move to work as an independent Life Coach.

Part of this journey saw me working in various settings, mostly in the field of  mental health, but I sharpened my skills and strengthened the craft of coaching people, as employee for a charity offering Horticulture Therapy.  There I coached around 80 people over 3 years with great outcome and have acquired various training and certificates, in e.g.performance coaching, Introduction to NLP and eventually an EDI Diploma as Life Coach, my Certificate of Competency shows Distinction. Working in the context of Nature, I found affirmation of what Human achievement is and can be about, learning about pathways we should and can use.

Most importantly I learned that this is my natural calling and that I have the passion and ability to unlock people’s potential living a Life, truthful to themselves.

I am persistent in my approach and belief that everybody ( including you ) has the potential to do better and to live what is often only thought off. Removing limiting beliefs and helping you to open up to new ways of thinking.

I would like you to see me as your blank canvas, painting a new picture of how you want your life to be. With the resources and knowledge that I have, I will ensure that you find your way forward ( this may involve homework) getting the most from life. Having successfully coached people in time-management, effectiveness, creativity etc. by refining their Life Purpose and outlook I hope I will continue sharing with you what I know works.

As your coach I will help you to enjoy this journey, the rough and the smooth, encouraging you to invest all that you have in your life’s purpose – knowing that you have the potential to achieve much more than you thought possible.

Please find me on Linked in for a more detailed Resumee.

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