2013 and I have ticked off my to do list the visit and touching of a picture of mine.

2013 and I have ticked off my to do list the visit and touching of Stonehenge…here a picture of mine.

2013 and a Dream off mine has come true, I finally visited Stonehenge at the most important time of the year…well you know my passion for time-management.

What a place to be at that time.


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A place to start … in conversation: TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS


With great inspiration on one of my favorite Time-Management topic, I would like to remind you this week, that time-management, is not about prioritizing your schedule and calculating your days by the minute, but  scheduling your priorities and being truly in line with what is important to you and your progression.

As us alternative therapists and practitioner are always in conversation on what works and what not, I would like you to absorb some Time-Management Skills, provided by a fellow practitioner in the field, Hypno-therapist and Life Coach Simon Pimenta

His questionaire will help you to draw your attention to one of the most challenging areas in Life (Life is too short, right!?) With  greater awareness off your current behavior and situation, you are sure to move forward and implement changes.


Time Management skills

  1. You have a meeting. Do you arrive:
  1. Early
  2. On time
  3. Late
  1. You have a project deadline. Do you:
  1. Work on it steadily during the time frame
  2. Stay up the night before, working through the night if necessary until it is done
  3. Fail to meet the deadline and request an extension?
  1. You have to leave the house at 10am to catch the train. Are you:
  1. Ready to leave in advance of 10am
  2. Starting something at 9.30am, then having to rush to get out of the house on time
  3. Leaving the house after 10am, rushing to get to the station in order not to meet your train?
  1. You are packing to go on holiday, do you finish packing:
  1. The day before travelling
  2. In the wee small hours
  3. Just before you have to leave to get to the station/airport?

If you answered mostly:

  1. You have good time management skills
  2. There is room for improvement in this area
  3. You have time management issues and are probably creating a lot of unnecessary stress in your life

Some simple Time Management Strategies


Aim to get there early. Poor time managers aim to arrive on time and tend to cut things fine. This means if there are any delays, they will be late. Of course, they will blame the traffic. It is never their fault!

Work out what train you would need to get in order to get there on time, and get an earlier train. If a train is delayed, then it is still possible to get there on time. I know someone who will get to appointments 2/3 hours before the allotted time if they can. I find that a bit extreme, but taking reasonable steps to allow for delays is sensible.


If you have a project deadline, estimate how long you think the project might take. People often underestimate how long a task will take, so add 50-100% more time. Schedule when you are going to do the work.

Leaving the House:

If you have to leave the house at a certain time, let’s say 10am, plan to be ready before the allotted time. If you are ready at 9.30am, and start doing a task, for instance writing a letter on your computer, decide when you need to stop this task and allow time for turning off the computer. I remember staying with some friends. We were due to leave the house at 7pm to go to a party. At 6.30pm, they were ready to go. They sat down and had a glass of wine. They are great time managers.


I use a strategy from I learned from someone who has good time management skills. He gets his suitcase out a week before departure, and starts putting things in it as he thinks of them. Two nights before departure, he will look at a packing list, to see if there is anything else he needs to buy, or to put in the case. The night before departure, he will go through his list and pack everything properly.

Planning is the key to good time management, and a great way of avoiding avoidable stress!

Simon Pimenta

Now, I am sure you know what you could do better, and that the better that you could do is better, BUT what is stopping you to progress?

What could you change?

What is truly, holding you back?

Are you ready to progress?


regular reminders, better is better than best…




Summer is upon us, with Solstice tomorrow night, I am sure most of us have noticed a different charge in the air.

Well it is also Supermoon (when the Moon is the closest to planet earth), only a couple of days later.

Solstice; the Cycle of SUMMERTIME starts here;  the longest day and shortest night, and from here- our days are becoming shorter again, until the winter solstice…yep, – before you know it, it’s christmas next.

I took this as inspiration to talk, well write –  once more about my approach to Time-management. Or even more to the point, how to be happier, with the work that you get done in the days and time we have.

Getting a handle on this, I often look with my clients on how they structure their week.

The weekly worksheet that I use throughout coaching programs, focuses on scheduling your priorities rather than prioritizing your schedule. I often coach to increase an understanding of your paradigm, the frame of references that you have, the window through which you view your world

With time –  and it’s management – looked at on a weekly basis, I find quite often that it is important to be aware of a natural flow of energy, throughout our structure of days, weeks, months… our life-time. ( yep, my horticulture-therapy background is coming through with this one.)

A structure that I refer to, may refer loosely to planets or deities, but it is also a re-ocurrent rhythm we spend our time in, just like seasons, nature; cycles, it has been going through for thousands of years… a week, in western europa and beyond.

I start my week on a SUNDAY, as it is also the end of the week – with sun as its ruling planet, it is all about self-expression, reflecting, radiating; on what you have done the previous week, your sense of identity- and looking forward to where you will be.

With MOONDAY as the day of the week where we are establishing context, we start to create relationships … the beginning of it all.

Sure we all have had a blue monday or two, it seems such a long way to travel to the next weekend, quite often with sunday – the only; day just to yourself, today on a Monday, you need to create presence in your current situation, creating context…oh bloody MONDAYS.

Then we have TUESDAY – Mars day , following on from Monday we are more inclined to have a closer look at what we are working on , with … a greater sense of exploration; that should be present. Creating context, but deconstructing space.

Is there anything else?

Followed by good old HUMPDAY, the middle of the week. It’s Woden’s Day – (Middleweek in german, which resonates with me – as I am born and bred in Germany) – WEDNESDAY to most of us. The day where, when connected to our cause – we find great resource and time, for and through, what truly motivates us. Connecting with the source, (deconstructing time) and you will see yourself through to the weekend; recharged and aligned with great synergy.

Now, the most exciting day of the week (well I find; energetically) is Thor’s day; THUNDERDAY in german, good old Thursday (the beginning of the weekend for some).

It is the day where creativity is at its best with great vision and sense for creation, realizing what could happen, what was built up through the previous couple of days.

Then we have Freya’s day, FREEDAY, as they say in german (Freitag),-Friday; the last day of work. Sure, most of us – could finish a little early and enjoy some celebrations; the celebration of a cycle coming to an end, celebrating the work that you have accomplished throughout a busy week.Often marked with an excess of food, drink, people, friends or how ever you celebrate the end of the week; how your fruits of labour manifest themselves.

After a loooong week… a‘quiet one in’, may be on the agenda just as well finding abundance in rest.

Then the glorious SATURNS’DAY , taking a pause, reaching a level of the right understanding, as a result of activities. On Saturday, it’s time to stop; whatever busied yourself throughout the week, now is time to be looking at what you got.

You might find yourself looking for exact shapes, sizes, distances, movements, angles etc.; mentally or physically, in material or abstract; all in order to develop a right understanding.

But now after a domestic,industrial or social Saturday: another day is on the horizon, begging to offer you a platform to express: What else do you know about yourself ?… back to Sunday...; maybe you find yourself expressing, in what ever way or shape and form, you recognize that life is good.

Just you and what you find important … well – so it should be!

And I do distinctively remember, wishing it would always be SUNDAY, (when I was much younger; as teenager, somewhat around 20 years ago), …although I figured by now, that that could get a little boring, overtime.

I feel now that the variety, a well considered week can bring (- if in tune with a natural cycle, and your own priorities, needs and demands), is a much more preferable option…

Do you feel in tune with yourself?


As I am hoping to bring closer to you how and that things can progress for you, I would like to share some showreels I produced, to give you insight beyond words… please view and enjoy…




To change direction in Life can be really difficult, especially when desires are there but reason or method, maybe a little slow to follow, or the current of habits, still pull you in the same direction …and make it difficult to change, although direction is clear.

This would be a situation where life coaching could be of help, to give you another perspective on your situation and to help you to understand your Paradigm, the very thing through which you view your world. The reality that your daily life provides you with, through the experiences that you may have had and the conditioning it provided. It can become quite difficult to change direction, like being at sea on a stormy and foggy night.

What we perceive and see is who we are or believe to be – our Paradigms, frame of reference are very powerful but they can shift! This may be a deliberate and slow process or for some it may well be an instantaneous experience, triggered by life events or even just a deep engaging conversation.

But HOW? And how do you know WHAT to change? … I hear you ask.

Well, here is a little story that may shed some light on it:

Two Battleships assigned to training squadron had been at sea in heavy weather for several days. I was serving on the lead battleship and was on watch on the bridge as night fell. The visibility was poor with patchy fog, so the captain of the ship remained on the bridge , keeping an eye on all activities.

Shortly after dark, the lookout on the wing of the bridge reported: ”Light, bearing on starboard bow”.

”Is it moving steady astern?”, the captain called out.

Lookout replied, ”Steady, captain,”…which ment we were on collision coures with that ship.

The Captain then called to the signalman, ”Signal that ship: We are on collision course, advise to change course by 20 degrees.”

Back came a signal, ”Advisable for you to change course 20 Degrees.”

The Captain said: ” Send, I am a captain, change course 20 Degrees.” – ”I am a seaman second class, still you had better changed your course 20 Degrees.”

By that time the captain was furious. He spat out, ” Send, I’m a battleship. CHANGE course 20 Degrees.”

Back came the flashing light: ” I’m a lighthouse. ”

We changed Course.

Frank Koch ‘Proceedings’

Now, you may not need to be in stormy weathers or stuck in a fog, but maybe things aren’t so plain sailing. And maybe you don’t feel like you are the captain of your ship at all, but an onlooker or someone who is just sending out messages – on other peoples behalf.

It may be that your subjective reality doesn’t serve you any longer, it may be time – where a fresh look at the objective reality may provide you with the answers you are looking for!?

Maybe take some time, this evening or tomorrow morning, 20 minute half an hour is enough; and IDENTIFY (write down) 3 things that aren’t working for you, where you wish that they would be different.

This could be assumed barriers, habitual behaviour, lack of performance etc…. then try to find an alternative way of reacting in these situations, or how you would like things to be…that would INTERRUPT your current pattern…flip it…instead of asking or waiting for others to change course, what could you do!? And you might find that you’ll create a new situation for yourself, when implemented.

And those 20 minutes taken out to reflect and to take time; on looking at your situation, may provide you with the time and space to consider other options… the light ahead of you – may not be the oncoming train, it could also be the end of the tunnel.

If talking things through would help, to get another angle on the whole situation…

… contact me for your FREE CONSULTATION, what can you gain?

Well, what have you got to loose?

PROBLEM SOLVING… new level of thinking


The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them -Albert Einstein

A main focus and expected gain throughout the process of Life Coaching, is the increased ability to find solutions, to be confident  to make the decisions, that may solve the problem.

And most of all understanding; that no change, improvement, progress or any other development- can be found, if situations and their problems aren’t faced.

Without giving space to let arise what really the problem is – it may not be resolved.  Assumed delaying tactics, postponing to deal with it when it is less of a problem, avoidance – hoping that time will solve it or just bury it with it …Well, that won’t work in the long run. You may have got yourself into a different situation where things are seemingly better, but sometimes things are just different, but the underlying problem is still there, probably ready to erupt at anytime.

It seems to be a common practice – for some; that if something doesn’t work, we try harder doing the same thing, which doesn’t make it more effective or makes it work better. On return it can breed a deep rooted resentment, burn out, frustration or at least a general sense of unhappiness and being discontented.

Whereby  finding a place and space, time  set aside to stop and to rethink, to look and reflect on a current situation, may well help to do things differently with much less effort and greater results.

As Life Coach I am not referring to emotional problems and deep rooted issues going back to something in your past, – although resolving problems, limiting beliefs and strategies may eliminate such – it is my duty as your coach, to make it possible for you to look at what is holding you back and/or presenting you with a problem; and to help you with my skills and tools to find suitable solutions.

You will probably come to conclusion all by yourself in this situation, – you can expect that the time and space found in session will enable you to let this arise.

I will ensure that the process is enjoyable for you- the rough and the smooth, believing in you and that things will be different and better for you.

Let me just add, that this is the biggest fascination of mine – how quickly problems can be solved, if and when the frame of reference has shifted, if your new level of thinking comes from the inside out, when you have stopped what you are doing ,to re-evaluate and not just try harder what doesn’t work.

You do have the ability to find ways and solutions to make things better for yourself, at any given moment in time, but situations often don’t allow you to tap into this … but when you do, it is a quick blazing firework of Realizations; what is possible, a problem evaporating  into smoke and hot air .. a celebration of new beginnings.

What have you just put aside?

What is it that you aren’t facing?

How different could things be?