One of the main concerns that is found in business, in order to make it sustainable, lucrative , manageable, enjoyable and allowing for necessary Performance in order to succeed and grow is the notion of integrity.

It happens so to be, that this is also my favorite and most successful topic to coach in; as it is that – what helps you to find your motivation, drive and purpose.

As I m currently focusing on the context of business; it may be surprising that your personal values effect the way that you conduct yourself at work.

That in itself is already an alarming notion as we quite too often see our roles at work as separate as to who we are in our personal life, something we perform …dare I say; pretend to be when we are at work. The make-up for our role and responsibilities in the context of our employment, may seem a little distant to who we feel we truly are.

With integrity and an awareness of our core values and who we really are at all times;  is how we find success, in business and any other arena – with great ease. It is not just with sacrifice that we can be professional or successful.

This is the true joy in life: being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. Being a FORCE OF NATURE instead of… complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

Bernard Shaw

Finding your true nature will help you to harness your motivation and energy to succeed financially, in life and in business.

When you are faced with problems at work, it may seem the right option to please your boss, but solutions that you may find should never impact on your core values. You will find that this is only a short term solution, but eventually harmful to the business and most of all to your reputation, performance and integrity.

When you are faced with problems that could jeopardize  your integrity, it is important to look at all possible options for finding the right solution. Pleasing your boss may not always be the right and only way.

When you find yourself in an assumed position of loss and crisis (let’s say in Business) it is at that time that you have the opportunity to recognize the strength, something much bigger in side you that will you see growing stronger …something you may not have realized before.

It is often through struggle that our karma, and purpose is purified and that we are becoming aware of our strength and rightful place in life.

As we learn, express and honor this very part of ourselves, assuring that our core remains intact; this will bring joy and liberation even in hard times and situations of crisis.

This integrity, recognizing who we really are is often covered by a layer of limiting belief: For Instance a layer of ‘Who we are afraid we are…!’ And therefor authentic action in line with ‘Who you really are!’ is hampered.

It is often in the context of Business that we get caught up in presenting ourselves in a role of ‘Who we pretend we are’ to a potential customer, prospect client etc…in order to present our business, brand, product and so force… ensuring that they buy into it.

This may not be exactly in line with your personal beliefs and experience, but it is what you do for work…probably a common way to do business. And probably a common cause for people to suffer loss of performance, burn out, anxieties, dissatisfaction, internal conflict, reaching for compensation (eg. getting drunk in the pub after work, to wash the stress away…) The list of downfalls could be very long, but I am sure you know what I am talking about!

And you may think; Yeah, that is the hat I am wearing when I am at work… and I leave that behind when I clock out … well you are not, you are in danger of loosing your integrity.

If you disregard the layer of Who you are afraid you are, you may find that people may realize who you really are; before you do. You may be busy making them see what you pretend you are; forgetting what your true wonderful purpose is?

Reputation follows in line with your integrity, willingly or not … this is how people remember you. You must learn to look after your values and maintain your integrity. The most joyful and most simplest of solutions to any crisis situation or issue you may have are that of authentic action. You may not find them if you are too caught up in; Who you pretend you are , or maybe because you are caught up in; Who you are afraid you are? (not capable, not good enough etc).

It’s not our darkness we most fear – but our light.

Let me reassure you, that you are on the right path once you recognized your core values and abilities… these flow with ease: they are relentless and supply you with all the opportunities, synergy, solutions, thorough and authentic actions etc… to see you succeed with a true force of nature.

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Summer is upon us, with Solstice tomorrow night, I am sure most of us have noticed a different charge in the air.

Well it is also Supermoon (when the Moon is the closest to planet earth), only a couple of days later.

Solstice; the Cycle of SUMMERTIME starts here;  the longest day and shortest night, and from here- our days are becoming shorter again, until the winter solstice…yep, – before you know it, it’s christmas next.

I took this as inspiration to talk, well write –  once more about my approach to Time-management. Or even more to the point, how to be happier, with the work that you get done in the days and time we have.

Getting a handle on this, I often look with my clients on how they structure their week.

The weekly worksheet that I use throughout coaching programs, focuses on scheduling your priorities rather than prioritizing your schedule. I often coach to increase an understanding of your paradigm, the frame of references that you have, the window through which you view your world

With time –  and it’s management – looked at on a weekly basis, I find quite often that it is important to be aware of a natural flow of energy, throughout our structure of days, weeks, months… our life-time. ( yep, my horticulture-therapy background is coming through with this one.)

A structure that I refer to, may refer loosely to planets or deities, but it is also a re-ocurrent rhythm we spend our time in, just like seasons, nature; cycles, it has been going through for thousands of years… a week, in western europa and beyond.

I start my week on a SUNDAY, as it is also the end of the week – with sun as its ruling planet, it is all about self-expression, reflecting, radiating; on what you have done the previous week, your sense of identity- and looking forward to where you will be.

With MOONDAY as the day of the week where we are establishing context, we start to create relationships … the beginning of it all.

Sure we all have had a blue monday or two, it seems such a long way to travel to the next weekend, quite often with sunday – the only; day just to yourself, today on a Monday, you need to create presence in your current situation, creating context…oh bloody MONDAYS.

Then we have TUESDAY – Mars day , following on from Monday we are more inclined to have a closer look at what we are working on , with … a greater sense of exploration; that should be present. Creating context, but deconstructing space.

Is there anything else?

Followed by good old HUMPDAY, the middle of the week. It’s Woden’s Day – (Middleweek in german, which resonates with me – as I am born and bred in Germany) – WEDNESDAY to most of us. The day where, when connected to our cause – we find great resource and time, for and through, what truly motivates us. Connecting with the source, (deconstructing time) and you will see yourself through to the weekend; recharged and aligned with great synergy.

Now, the most exciting day of the week (well I find; energetically) is Thor’s day; THUNDERDAY in german, good old Thursday (the beginning of the weekend for some).

It is the day where creativity is at its best with great vision and sense for creation, realizing what could happen, what was built up through the previous couple of days.

Then we have Freya’s day, FREEDAY, as they say in german (Freitag),-Friday; the last day of work. Sure, most of us – could finish a little early and enjoy some celebrations; the celebration of a cycle coming to an end, celebrating the work that you have accomplished throughout a busy week.Often marked with an excess of food, drink, people, friends or how ever you celebrate the end of the week; how your fruits of labour manifest themselves.

After a loooong week… a‘quiet one in’, may be on the agenda just as well finding abundance in rest.

Then the glorious SATURNS’DAY , taking a pause, reaching a level of the right understanding, as a result of activities. On Saturday, it’s time to stop; whatever busied yourself throughout the week, now is time to be looking at what you got.

You might find yourself looking for exact shapes, sizes, distances, movements, angles etc.; mentally or physically, in material or abstract; all in order to develop a right understanding.

But now after a domestic,industrial or social Saturday: another day is on the horizon, begging to offer you a platform to express: What else do you know about yourself ?… back to Sunday...; maybe you find yourself expressing, in what ever way or shape and form, you recognize that life is good.

Just you and what you find important … well – so it should be!

And I do distinctively remember, wishing it would always be SUNDAY, (when I was much younger; as teenager, somewhat around 20 years ago), …although I figured by now, that that could get a little boring, overtime.

I feel now that the variety, a well considered week can bring (- if in tune with a natural cycle, and your own priorities, needs and demands), is a much more preferable option…

Do you feel in tune with yourself?


As I am hoping to bring closer to you how and that things can progress for you, I would like to share some showreels I produced, to give you insight beyond words… please view and enjoy…


TIME MANAGEMENT – making time for the unexpected …


Time Managements; as it is a popular Topic in coaching, and it seems to be an increasing need, in order to meet assumed demands, real expectations, workload pressure, aspiration, opportunities, and so on… I’ll make it this weeks topic, to reflect and shed some light upon.

Quite often we construct a routine in order to know what we do and to assure – that we get to do; what must be done! Should I mention the endless lists of things to!?

But this creates boundaries or even a comfort zone, as well as it puts limitations in place, that quite often need to be broken to progress. It is essential to move outside boundaries in order to implement change,to grow and to develop.

Your social circle, may be an example; it is important to mix with other people, than just your immediate friends or close circle of influence. But we all know how stress-full it seems to be, to just find time to yourself and a social life, time hanging out with friends…when other matters seem to be so pressing and win priority.

But what is really important?  What makes you happy and helps you to grow ?

Down-time, seems to some busy bodies such a waste of time, and it often isn’t on the list of priorities, but isn’t it then, when at ease  -with no agenda, hanging out; that we are most alive,  that we find solutions for real life matters, we discuss our dreams and hopes, we have new ideas and learn the most about other people and Life in general.

So one thing to bare in mind, … schedule your priorities, but do not prioritize your schedule …

Motivations, Values and Discoveries ,your Priorities, are  examples of important steps in the process of Life Coaching, and it is my favorite area to look at – throughout sessions. In order to see what time you spend where, in order to nurture certain roles, needs, aspirations and goals –  that you have in Life.

As in social life or any other human interaction it is , or at least should be a desired outcome to get to a WIN/WIN situation. (More on that on another day)

But in a nutshell WIN/WIN is a belief systems, a philosophy even; of the Third Alternative, … It’s not your way, or my way; it’s a better way, a higher way.

To establish that in relation to your paradigm, your priorities, your belief system; can take a while but brings ease and contentment, once achieved – and even more so it will bring you effectiveness and efficiency; that may see you freeing up some time for the things you really enjoy and/or should be doing.

In relation to Time Management, finding ways to obtain WIN/WIN situations – will give you the motivation and drive, to focus on what you are doing.

Whilst you find yourself enjoying the process throughout, seemingly enabling you to be more effective than before, you’ll find in return, you gain time and peace of mind, to let new ideas arise or to pursuit what you thought you didn’t have time for before.

When really,  you struggled unnecessarily,  with firefighting unwanted situations, distracting yourself from what you should be doing, being pre-occupied , hesitant to tackle tasks – because it was a little uncomfortable, creating limiting beliefs etc …or you just didn’t know what to do next, procrastinating into he oblivion.

So all in all, really, – I share this one not so lightly; but when people come to me; asking to be coached in time management  ” …because there is never enough time...” I can’t help myself but think…there is always the same amount of time at any given day, what really needs to happen, is that the person requesting that, needs to learn to manage themselves better.

Having said that, there are still some conceptions to be had on time, and the management of such. I’ll share on more thought on this with you, before I leave you to get on with things …

A tool that is often used in Coaching and by NLP Practitioners is the timeline approach or even timeline therapy. We often determine time passing in an outward fashion with movement or distance. The movement of a hand on the clock or distance traveled,  progress made etc.; but the brain processes the notion of past and future, what is referred to as submodalities-, in pictures, references or memories; ordered with things of the past to the left and future plans to the right – which is a typical approach in western European culture, or described as the anglo-european ”through-time”, with things going from side to side, all in front of you.

A second type is that of the ”in-time” approach, where the timeline stretches from front to back; with the future in front of you and the past behind you, invisible, you would have to turn your head to see it.

‘Through-time’ people will have a good idea of time, sequential, linear, they often are on time, good at keeping appointments, time is money – a business approach. Whereby for ‘in-time’ people, the future is understood as a sequence of  ‘nows’. So the urgency goes out of action, this very minute; as there are plenty more ‘nows’ where those come from.

Most commonly found in arabic countries and quite exasperating, as it is difficult to keep appointments, with time being so flexibility… but with that ( as I have spend – and am looking to spend more time in arabic countries) moments of spare time arise, that allow for new things to arise … and if utilized;  it allows for growth, progress, change and development. But possibly not the most common business approach.

Not to mention that it is possible, to mix and use both ways of managing and understanding time and structuring your life accordingly.

So now, that you spend some time reading this, I would hope you felt you benefited from taking some time out; to widen your horizon or spin your time line, just ponder and reflect; making space for what you didn’t know or might want to learn about.

What would you like to spend more time doing?

What is holding you back?


Turning  corner 

 Imperfections In Nature

Looking at Nature – as even the English weather allows us to embrace the outdoors a little more often, I often wonder … (walking my dog) … about the urge – wanting things to be perfect; in a straight line, in it’s little box, an assumed ideal – when Nature – isn’t quite made that way, and if it would…well, evolution and progression would come to a standstill.

What could start out as a mistake, a diversion from the norm, maybe even a mutation…

What doesn’t seem quite right,could become …that new breed, a new species, a new skill  or a development, that needed to happen in order to grow, inspire and to develop.

 As Life Coach, I come across this uncomfortable admission of my Coachees; that things aren’t quite right; that their way of life doesn’t measure up with statistic, hopes and expectations…

…where I ask: ”OK, that is alright. How would you like your life to be?

… And what is really holding you back? ”

….and  I find myself thinking: It won’t be your Imperfections?!

So why not embrace a little irregularity, why not take this opportunity; to do things different…to change or to tolerate and accept? 

And back to Nature and a groomed Back-Garden for instance; I can not help but think of a Gardener as someone ,who somewhat intervenes with nature, makes use of his botanical knowledge to create what otherwise wouldn’t quite be that way…

…but only then, after some seed sowing, nurturing, pruning – letting Nature do its thing… working along side it,

– in partnership…learning in the process, making mistakes, getting things not quite right the first time…

Only then we create; eventually an opportunity to stand still, to fully absorb its’ beauty;

Our Garden…  we put so much effort into; – all forgotten on a sunny afternoon, over a cup of tea, we get to enjoy it’s splendor… with all its imperfections, cause that is how it is, and that is how it needs to be.

What crises was your latest opportunity?

Conscious of CREATIVITY…

a place to be

As I am a creative person myself, Creativity turned out to be a subject I have coached and I am coaching my Clients in – and it never ceases to fascinate me.

Creativity is a little more than just painting a picture , designing an event, writing a book,or cooking dinner…It can come in useful doing that –  but the process itself, is what intrigues me as Life Coach.

Especially as the ability to be creative comes in handy, in many other fields.

Surely it is most often practiced in the Arts,but I am certain that in other professional settings, a little creativity helps to progress,

e.g. presenting a proposal, forming communication pathways to your team, creating an end of year report chart etc. – or it is simply that skill you need to initiate change, create your ideal situation and therefor Life satisfaction.

Most importantly the process of creativity,gives you a sense of contentment, a sense of achievement and ultimately Life satisfaction.

Here is a quote from a book; ‘The Power of Now’, which highlights the essence of creativity – what I would like to draw your attention to.

 ”The mind is essentially a survival machine. Attack and defense against other minds, gathering, storing, and analyzing information – this is what it is good at, but not at all creative.

All true artists,whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness. The mind then gives form to creative impulse or insight. Even the great scientists have reported that their creative breakthroughs came at a time of quietude.

The surprising result of a nationwide inquiry among most eminent mathematicians, including Einstein, to find out their working methods, was that thinking ”plays only a subordinate part in the brief, decisive phase of the act itself.” So I would say that the simple reason why the majority of scientists are not creative is not because they don’t know how to think but because they don’t know how to stop thinking. ”

‘The power of now’, Eckhart Tolle

Now, I find this very poignant as it describes the space one needs to enter to become or be creative, that space we all should be in to experience the complexity of our being, which goes beyond the act of conscious thought.

In this process of stillness, reflection or seeminglynot doing anything is what gives space for creative ideas to arise. Not sure you would agree, but it is that moment where you sit in the bath tub, driving the car -seemingly not doing anything, that an eureka moment occurs.

It is also throughout the coaching process, that this space is opened up, for you to dive in.

If you read my post on ‘MAKING DECISION…’ this is another angle on the same thing.

All things are created twice… first you have the mental creation (not necessarily all consciously thought up in you mind) and then you have your physical creation.

The ability to sit still and enter a communication with your sub-conscious, a sense of for example letting your feelings guide you, or letting thoughts and images arise will help you to discover what you hadn’t or couldn’t think off before.

What will you create today?


Another little video I created to show rather than tell, what Life Coaching can do for you.
Enjoy and share…that there is support available to move forward and to meet your true potential, creating your own happier New Future.