One of the main concerns that is found in business, in order to make it sustainable, lucrative , manageable, enjoyable and allowing for necessary Performance in order to succeed and grow is the notion of integrity.

It happens so to be, that this is also my favorite and most successful topic to coach in; as it is that – what helps you to find your motivation, drive and purpose.

As I m currently focusing on the context of business; it may be surprising that your personal values effect the way that you conduct yourself at work.

That in itself is already an alarming notion as we quite too often see our roles at work as separate as to who we are in our personal life, something we perform …dare I say; pretend to be when we are at work. The make-up for our role and responsibilities in the context of our employment, may seem a little distant to who we feel we truly are.

With integrity and an awareness of our core values and who we really are at all times;  is how we find success, in business and any other arena – with great ease. It is not just with sacrifice that we can be professional or successful.

This is the true joy in life: being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. Being a FORCE OF NATURE instead of… complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

Bernard Shaw

Finding your true nature will help you to harness your motivation and energy to succeed financially, in life and in business.

When you are faced with problems at work, it may seem the right option to please your boss, but solutions that you may find should never impact on your core values. You will find that this is only a short term solution, but eventually harmful to the business and most of all to your reputation, performance and integrity.

When you are faced with problems that could jeopardize  your integrity, it is important to look at all possible options for finding the right solution. Pleasing your boss may not always be the right and only way.

When you find yourself in an assumed position of loss and crisis (let’s say in Business) it is at that time that you have the opportunity to recognize the strength, something much bigger in side you that will you see growing stronger …something you may not have realized before.

It is often through struggle that our karma, and purpose is purified and that we are becoming aware of our strength and rightful place in life.

As we learn, express and honor this very part of ourselves, assuring that our core remains intact; this will bring joy and liberation even in hard times and situations of crisis.

This integrity, recognizing who we really are is often covered by a layer of limiting belief: For Instance a layer of ‘Who we are afraid we are…!’ And therefor authentic action in line with ‘Who you really are!’ is hampered.

It is often in the context of Business that we get caught up in presenting ourselves in a role of ‘Who we pretend we are’ to a potential customer, prospect client etc…in order to present our business, brand, product and so force… ensuring that they buy into it.

This may not be exactly in line with your personal beliefs and experience, but it is what you do for work…probably a common way to do business. And probably a common cause for people to suffer loss of performance, burn out, anxieties, dissatisfaction, internal conflict, reaching for compensation (eg. getting drunk in the pub after work, to wash the stress away…) The list of downfalls could be very long, but I am sure you know what I am talking about!

And you may think; Yeah, that is the hat I am wearing when I am at work… and I leave that behind when I clock out … well you are not, you are in danger of loosing your integrity.

If you disregard the layer of Who you are afraid you are, you may find that people may realize who you really are; before you do. You may be busy making them see what you pretend you are; forgetting what your true wonderful purpose is?

Reputation follows in line with your integrity, willingly or not … this is how people remember you. You must learn to look after your values and maintain your integrity. The most joyful and most simplest of solutions to any crisis situation or issue you may have are that of authentic action. You may not find them if you are too caught up in; Who you pretend you are , or maybe because you are caught up in; Who you are afraid you are? (not capable, not good enough etc).

It’s not our darkness we most fear – but our light.

Let me reassure you, that you are on the right path once you recognized your core values and abilities… these flow with ease: they are relentless and supply you with all the opportunities, synergy, solutions, thorough and authentic actions etc… to see you succeed with a true force of nature.

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As I am entering a new season, setting a new Intention ;  meeting the demand of re-evaluation of/in a working place, work attitude, motivation , purpose etc.

As I am attracting different clients currently, with a reoccurring pattern of need around the understanding of business and it’s Value & Development;…should it be employment, freelance, sideline or future plans, this is an interesting area where I have been able to help and support.
So please watch this space for business related coaching insights.

Happy Autumn to you all.



Another little video I created to show rather than tell, what Life Coaching can do for you.
Enjoy and share…that there is support available to move forward and to meet your true potential, creating your own happier New Future.